Summer 2009 Fiction Issue


Summer2009Welcome to the inaugural fiction issue of Innsmouth Free Press. This summer, our theme is “water”. Nick Mamatas brings us a hopeful re-imagining of “The Shadow over Innsmouth” in “And Then, And Then, And Then …”. Pamela K. Kinney takes us briefly back to land and describes a tentacled apocalypse at the grocery store in “Azathoth is Here”. Robert Borski shows us how to gentle a Mythos monster in “The Cthulhu Whisperer”. Caroline Totten tells a gentle, eerie tale about sibling rivalry, Innsmouth-style in “By the Sea, By the Sea”. Kírk Barrett spins a sinister new take on writer’s block in “A Bedtime Story”. Paula R. Stiles dives into a tale about a father struggling with his child’s unusual fascination with the sea in “Swimming Lessons off the North Shore”.

You can read these stories online or download the PDF version of our Summer 2009 fiction issue.

Fall’s theme will be monstrous women and motherhood. We’re still seeking stories for this issue.

We hope you enjoy our short fiction offerings at Innsmouth Free Press. And please, do try our tasty Monster Bytes brought to you every week.

Many tentacles,

Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles

Table of Contents

Or download PDF edition.