Angels and Demons Week

Welcome to Angels and Demons Week. From December 24 to December 31 we will be dealing with all things demonic and angelic. We have reviews, articles and all kinds of other goodies wrapped up for you.

Why angels and demons? Well, it seemed like the time of the year for it, what with It’s a Wonderful Life on the TV, but also with the darker side of the holidays just looming around the corner. Because if we accept, even embrace, the existence of angels upon our Christmas tree, then we must also consider their counterparts: the demon.

Popular culture and horror have had a long, loving relationship with demons. But angels have been moving into this territory. You could say the angel angle (Ha! tongue twister!) started with The Prophecy, which gave us some very angry angels and has continued, most recently, with Supernatural, Legion and a number of paranormal romances which have placed the angel in contemporary society. Not to be outwitted (our outnumbered) there are the demons in Constantine, the devilish law firm in The Devil’s Advocate, and Neil Gaiman’s dapper Lucifer, plus Bedazzled (in its original and remade form), which have all moved the demon of old, with its horns and its trident, into a modern world where it can sit comfortably in a suit, sipping a latte.

Because demons and angels are nothing if not adaptable. They’ve been around for a while and they’ll be around more many years to come.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Thanks for spending some of it with us at Innsmouth Free Press!