Animal Side: Jordan Summers Guest Talks Paranormal Romance


by Jordan Summers

crimsonJordan Summers, urban fantasy and supernatural romance author of Red, Scarlet, Crimson, is guest-blogging with us today. Jordan discusses the appeal of supernatural romance:

Blood, claws and fangs. Nothing invokes the imagination more than being hunted by a primitive creature, whether for sustenance or companionship. The lure of a love-everlasting is intoxicating. Frankly, it’s downright seductive. Who wouldn’t like that kind of devotion? Who wouldn’t like finding a mate who can answer your every desire? Let’s not forget the forbidden nature of the relationship. It’s not like you can take a werewolf or a vampire or a werecat home to meet the parents.

The biggest thrill of all in writing paranormal romance is the edge of danger. Flirting with the darkside can cost you your life. That’s what makes it so fun to write. Personally, I’m fond of wolf and big-cat-shifters. There’s nothing like knowing that beneath that thin layer of civility beats the heart of a true beast. Shifters in romance tend to be some of the most loyal companions in existence. They recognize their mates instantly, love fiercely, and will fight to protect their family.

Of course, when we’re discussing dark, brooding alphas, we cannot forget those with a penchant for the night and more than a passing taste for blood. There’s nothing wrong with a sharp set of fangs and a bad attitude. Vampires are intriguing because they promise eternity. Who hasn’t dreamed of living forever?

scarletTo be able to bring one of these creatures to their knees with love is the ultimate tale of Beauty and the Beast. It’s a universal theme that works in all paranormal romances. It’s why we love to read them. It’s why I love to write them.

In my latest series, I decided to blend science with my mythical beings. Instead of using magic to create vampires, werewolves, and chimeras, I used gene-splicing. The ‘monsters’ became super soldiers that eventually slipped their leash. Writing the Dead World series taught me that there is no limit when it comes to writing paranormal romance. Any element will work as long as you remember that the story is a romance first and foremost.

Bio: Jordan Summers is a former flight attendant with a penchant for huge bookstores and big, dumb action movies. Happily married to her very own Highlander, they split their time between two continents. Visit her at