Deck the Halls with Bloody Footprints

Winter and the holiday season are approaching, and we at Innsmouth Free Press want to make it a cozy, scary time for you. We are looking for articles and reviews on holiday horrors and abominations in the snow.


  • Reviews of movies or books set in a cold, snowy place like The Thing.
  • Reviews of movies or books set during the holiday season. And by holidays we mean Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. If it’s holiday and its horror, we want it!
  • Articles or analysis on cold and chilling Lovecraftian entities like Ithaqua.
  • An overview of the evil creatures that live in the snow. Think the Wendigo.
  • Got an article on horrors in the New Year? We’d love to read it.

Contact us before December 12, 2009, at innsmouthfp AT if you’re interested in helping make this a terrifying winter.

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