Editorial: Issue 7

With summer come the beach and the sun. But we didn’t want you to feel too safe and warm, so Issue 7 is out with some chilling stories and a cover illustration by Scott Purdy. Instead of taking a vacation in some sunny location, won’t you journey into our decadent Innsmouth?

Renowned Mythos writer W.H. Pugmire begins our trip and takes us into the “Cool Mist”, where a haunting song will bring terror. Next comes “A Tour of the Catacombs”, though be warned, this is no ordinary tourist attraction. We journey back in time to the 17th century, where a naturalist learns about the mysteries of the worm in the tale,  “On The Generation of Insects”. Don Webb has us pause and introduces us to “Nyarlathotep”. Our voyage then takes us across vast distances and mountains, and toward an odd landscape of “Black Sand”. This little expedition of terror concludes in an orphans’ asylum, where sickness festers in “Every Little Sparrow”.

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Many tentacles,
Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Publisher) and Paula R. Stiles (Editor-in-Chief)

Table of Contents

You can read these stories online or download the PDF version of our fiction issue (contains pretty pictures!).