Editorial: Issue 8

If you’ve paid attention to the cover of this issue, you might have noticed something different. From now on, ‘Innsmouth Magazine’ will be the name of our triannual fiction issues, while ‘Innsmouth Free Press’ is the name of the micro-publishing company that publishes Innsmouth Magazine. It’s a small change, but one that will help avoid confusion, as we launch more anthologies and books in the next few years.

Talking about launches, this is the first issue of Innsmouth Magazine that is available for purchase as an e-book. The online and PDF versions of Innsmouth Magazine will remain free, but if you want a handy Kindle or ePub file, head over to Amazon and Smashwords. Each issue is only a dollar.

We rely on donations, and the profits from the sale of these issues, to keep going. Do consider supporting us this way. Or, you can always purchase copies of our books: Historical Lovecraft, Candle in the Attic Window and Fraterfamilias.

Now that we’ve dealt with business, we can sink our teeth into the fiction. This issue contains six tales of horror, ranging from a snowy, apocalyptic end of the world to an ancient secret hidden in the scorching desert. Cover artwork is by Italian artist Andrea Bonazzi.

Click on the stories below, download our PDF edition with nice pictures, or purchase an e-reader edition through Amazon.com and Smashwords.

Most of all, enjoy: