Editorial: Issue 9

Welcome to another issue of Innsmouth Magazine, which, I’m glad to remind you, can now be purchased via Amazon or Smashwords for your e-reader. It’s also our fundraiser month, so if you can spare a dollar, now’s the time to do so!

With that self-publicity out of the way, let’s focus on the stories. We’ve got six of them, this time. There’s a bit of classic Lovecraft with “The Grey Cairns”, which is set in a shadowy, 19th-century Scotland. “The Wouri Horror” functions almost as its complete opposite, taking place in near-future Africa with a dash of sci-fi. “Five Houses on the Shore” also takes place in Africa, though it’s a very different Africa from the one envisioned by “Wouri”. “The Divers” moves the action to Singapore, where pearl divers discover the secrets hiding beneath the waves. “Full Moon” uses an abandoned observatory near Slovakia as a creepy backdrop for some even-creepier happenings. Finally, “A Man of Letters” provides us with the ultimate fiction review.

Last but not least, cover artwork for this issue comes courtesy of Portland artist J. Slattum, who specialises in surreal imagery.

Before we sign off, we’d like to remind you that Innsmouth Magazine hits the Internet three times a year – in February, June and October. However, you can always browse through our archives and re-read some awesome fiction until we return in the summer.

Click on the stories below, download our free PDF edition with nice pictures, or purchase an e-reader edition through Amazon.com and Smashwords.

Many tentacles,

Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles

Table of Contents

The Grey Cairns | By C. G. Leslie
The Wouri Horror | By Fritz Bogott
Full Moon | By J.M. Ramage
The Divers | By Dave Chua
A Man of Letters | By Peter Rawlik
Five Houses on the Shore | By L Lark