Fiction Issue 3


issue3Let us open this editorial with a bold statement: we like slush. Sometimes, we dread it; sometimes, we complain about it, but, in the end, we like slush: the good, the bad, even the ugly. Because it is the slush which brings us new stories, new writers, and most of all, new friends.

The idea that writers live in isolation, locked in a mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere, typing away, is patently false. We connect with each other in a myriad of ways. In a ‘zine like ours, connections are vitally important. We want writers to come back with more Monster Bytes or an article or another story. By the nature of our operation, we are a small shop and depend on the affection of writers toward the ‘zine to keep uploading content.

Innsmouth Free Press operates a bit like a family. Once we meet a writer, we are usually able to remember them by name and you can probably find us Twittering or e-mailing each other back and forth. Innsmouth may not be on any map in Massachusetts, but it is very much a real place for us.

So we’d like to dedicate this issue to the many writers we have been introduced to since we launched this project in 2009. We hope we’ll meet many more in 2010.

Finally, what you can expect in this, our third fiction issue: Australian Mythos writer David Conyers offers us a tale of evil at sea in “The Swelling”. Danielle Eriksen, from South Africa, shows us the plight of a woman who seeks to be liberated by the coming of the sea in “Mary, Mary”. Rebecca Nazar’s spinster heroine faces Cthulhu and brings a new spin to an old Lovecraft tale in “The Black Ship”. Orrin Grey discovers the loving bond between a parent and a ghoul. Avery Cahill brings us the tale of a man with a curious ocular affliction in “One Dead Eye”, while our regular columnist about all literary things Mythos, G.W.Thomas, writes about a phone call that is more dangerous than your regular telemarketing message.

All this and a cover by talented Spanish artist Paco Rico Torres.

You can read these stories online or download the PDF version of our third fiction issue (contains pretty pictures!).

Many tentacles,

Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Publisher) and Paula R. Stiles (Editor-in-Chief)

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