Found on the Net: “Move Underground” for Kindle

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

I did not discover Nick Mamatas through this book. I discovered him when he was virtually pumelling somebody on the Internet. I liked his blogging style, so I went and read some of his fiction. Move Underground was one of the first things I picked up from him. There’s no question why I would grab it; the book can be summarized as Cthulhu-meets-Kerouac. My dream come true!

Publisher’s Weekly describes it thusly: “The American dream reveals itself to be a Lovecraftian nightmare in Mamatas’s audacious first novel, set in the early 1960s, which goes on the road with Kerouac, Cassaday and Cthulhu.”

Later on, I read more stuff from Nick, and ended up buying one of his stories for the inaugural issue of Innsmouth Free Press (“And Then, And Then, And Then …” got an honourable mention in Datlow’s yearly horror anthology). He’s a fun dude who enjoys pushing, tipping and smashing our Mythos expectations.

Which brings me to the point of this piece: Nick has put Move Underground for sale in a Kindle version for $2.99. The print version still exists, and you can always read a free copy of it online, but the price is low and, for you Kindle-heads, it might just be the trippy Cthulhu you’ve been waiting for. While you’re shopping for this, you might want to pre-order Nick’s upcoming book, Sensation, which is about “a species of anarchist wasps and a collective of hyperintelligent spiders”. Yes. The man puts the ‘weird’ in weird fiction.