Found on the Net: Cthulhu Uses Old Spice

old_spiceBy Silvia Moreno-Garcia

One of our Innsmouth reviewers, Lydnsey Holder, pointed us to a video of Cthulhu using Old Spice making the rounds on YouTube. The video parodies the popular Old Spice commercials featuring a handsome young fellow (with a horse!) urging ladies to purchase Old Spice for the men in their lives. In this case, Cthulhu urges women to purchase Old Spice because then their god can smell like him. Which, we assume, means smelling like squid.

You’ll notice Cthulhu is looking very buff in the video. But this is not the first time the Great Old One has hit the gym, as evidenced by this picture and this other one.

However, before joining Weight Watchers and doing Pilates, Cthulhu looked a bit more like this. Too many fishies, hu, Cthulhu?