Found on the Net: Lovecraft Skateboard

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Next time you feel the need to complain about the state of today’s youth and the decline of modern culture, reconsider it. Recently, a student from William Blount High, Tennessee, won a national skateboard deck design contest. The challenge was to design a skateboard deck inspired by a book. While you might think most kids would go with a popular title such as Twilight or a tried-and-true curriculum classic like Moby Dick, Tyler Stewart picked “At the Mountains of Madness” by H.P.Lovecraft as his inspiration. Stewart is a fan of horror and hopes to become an illustrator one day.
What does this prove? That students are still aware that they need to side with Cthulhu if they hope to become successful adults. We salute Tyler Stewart and hope he will create many nightmarish visions for years to come. We also hope he makes a matching helmet. Ia! Ia!