Found on the Net: More Cthulhu Crowdfunding

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Several bits of Cthulhu crowdsourcing today:

World War Cthulhu is trying to raise funds via IndieGoGo.

The world is at war against things that slink and gibber in the darkness, and titans that stride from world to world, sewing madness and death. War has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization, and before then, Elder terrors battled it out across this planet and this known universe in ways unimaginable.

The anthology will be released by Dark Regions Press.

The creators of Littlest Lovecraft are now adapting “The Dunwich Horror” into a book suitable for your children. You can back it here.

If you are into Victoriana, you may want to back this custom deck of Steampunk Cthulhu cards.

And one project that won’t be crowdfunded any time soon: a Shakespeare/Cthulhu mashup. Two content creators are involved in a fight over The Tempest. John Scott Tynes said on Facebook:

Aron Tarbuck and J Kovach are Kickstarting an original comic book mashing up Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the Cthulhu Mythos. They are now the subject of a DMCA takedown request by D.R. O’Brien, a young writer who self-published a comedic novel that likewise combined The Tempest and the Cthulhu Mythos.

More on this scuffle here. Note: apparently the issue with this Kickstarter has been resolved. Still good for a read.

That’s it for now. Join me next month for more Found on the Net when I report back from the Lovecraft Film Fest!