Found on the Net: More Free, Weird Poetry

I’m back with summer, just like the mosquitoes! Oh, did you even realize I was gone? Well, after a whirlwind month, I return to you with news of something that is NOT a Kickstarter (I know, shocking). This time, I’m talking poetry.

I’ve discussed Cardinal Cox on previous occasions on Found on the Net (Codex L’ng, Codex Ulthar and Codex Nodens). Every few months, he releases a new, tiny pamphlet of Weird or/and Lovecraftian poetry. This time, it’s Codex Hastur, which takes as its inspiration the books of several Weird fantasy authors who might have inspired Lovecraft’s work.

In this pamphlet, Cox says he wanted to “explore the notion that humanity creates its own gods.”

Most of the copies of the newest pamphlet will be given away at this year’s World Fantasy, but you can request one by e-mailing .

Here’s a selection from one of the poems:

Isle of the Herds

The House of Pain does not remain to see

And dark storm clouds gather far out at sea

A sweet rain will come and clean with a flood

Are we not men!