Found on the Net: Mythos Artists Wanted

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Artist Paul Carrick, whom we recently interviewed, is looking for a few good shoggoths…err, I mean artists. Paul is organizing the art show at the upcoming MythosCon and he needs artists for the art show, either attending in person or mailing their work.

On his blog Paul, says, “It’s going to have some excellent guests, including Robert Price and S.T. Joshi – a veritable who’s who of the modern Mythos. I came on board because it was starting to look like there wasn’t going to be a show – or not much of one – and we simply can’t allow this; can we? Not only is it a pleasure to have an excuse to pester some of my favourite artists (and get to meet new ones), I am hoping it will foster some networking among us and perhaps give us all a bit of helpful PR to a specialized fanbase.”

MythosCon runs January 6-9, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. There’s a long list of program participants. There will be panels on Mythos creatures, Lovecraft’s influences and the Lovecraft Circle. Sounds tentacular.