Found on the Net: Nevermore


By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

nevermoreThe last week of October at Innsmouth Free Press will be dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe. That’s a good excuse as any to point you in the direction of a recent interview with movie director Stuart Gordon and actor Jeffrey Combs (both of Re-Animator), who discuss the project Nevermore over at Fearnet. Nevermore is a one-man play about the last days of Poe. They talk about the possibility of adapting the play as a movie and also mention Lovecraft.

“There wouldn’t have been Lovecraft if there hadn’t been Poe, first. Poe was a big inspiration for Lovecraft. I think even in his writing style he was trying to imitate Poe. But they moved in sort of different directions, ultimately. Poe was much more about relationships and about women. With Lovecraft, there are no women in his stories. It’s kind of interesting in that regard. Lovecraft is all about these cosmic fears and Poe is much more about personal anxiety,” says Stuart Gordon.

They also briefly mention a musical version of Re-Animator for theatre. Now, that would be definitely more interesting than The Lion King.