Found on the Net: The Revelator

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Hey, kids, it’s 2013! We’ve got a slightly different column format this year, but that doesn’t mean good old Found on the Net is disappearing. Well, what have I got for you this January? A special Lovecraft issue from The Revelator.

According to its website, The Revelator was first pub­lished in 1876 and has been pub­lished ever since then in a vari­ety of for­mats. Matthew Cheney and Eric Schaller are the current editors. The Lovecraft issue includes work by Laird Barron, Meghan McCarron
and Nick Mamatas. There is also some other content, such as some Whisperer in Darkness pictures and the like. As the editors explain:

“The spirit of Love­craft infuses this issue in ways we never could have antic­i­pated. Some­times the Love­craft­ian link is obvi­ous, some­times sub­tle, some­times serv­ing as inspi­ra­tion, some­times as some­thing to rebel against. In short, we had no choice as to our theme. Appear­ances be damned!”

It’s also all a good time to mention that Fiddleback, an underground literature publication, is currently looking for Lovecrafty stories for a special issue. Open until January 15.