Happy Birthday Lovecraft!

Today is August 20. I bet all you Cthulhu fans know what that means. It’s Lovecraft’s birthday! But how to celebrate the father of Mythos? We didn’t think an unspeakable cake would do it (and how, exactly, do you make non-Euclidean frosting?). Instead, we organized a Tweet Cthulhu contest, asking our readers to send 140 characters’ worth of Lovecrafty goodness. Meet the winners! We’ll be Tweeting their entries during the day. Or you can read them all at once below.

First Place
Visited Arkham. Found Necronomicon. Blasphemous ceremony, Great Old One summoned. Sanity blasted. Being eaten by tentacled monstrosity as I
Bio: Charles Black is the editor of The Black Books of Horror. His fiction has appeared in Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, and Nemonymous.

Second Place
Shuffled out of bed late. Dog piddled on coat. Got tentacle caught in the door. Traffic was murder. Makes me long for old days, destruction.
Bio: Carrie Cuinn is a speculative fiction writer, art historian specializing in Early American books and prints, and amiable raconteur. Twitter @inkedhistorian.

Third Place
Cthulhu looked at arty posters from a horror film past, and sighed at some hentai. Despite his publicist’s work, he was a sex object now.
Bio: S. Kay is a bittersweet @blueberrio.

Honourable Mentions
For the last time, @HP_Lovecraft: STOP CALLING ME. #geez
Bio: Amanda C. Davis tweets at @davisac1 about coffee, horror and cooking disasters. But mostly coffee.

Three men whispered their fear, peering into the pit. A fourth whisper wove in between, one that should not be – and it unmade them.
Bio: @kaolinfire RTs #twitfic as @q8p, has recently read more Lovecraft than an ostensibly “sane” person, edits @gudmagazine, trails off….

When the stars are right, the Great Old Ones get up early and go to breakfast. They get an AARP discount and the coffee is always hot.
Bio: Megan Engelhardt avoids shadows and never steps on cracks. She can be followed on Twitter @MadMerryMeg.