Innsmouth Magazine, Issue #14


Innsmouth Magazine, Issue #14 spreads its wings today (Yes, that’s the theme). Released for the first time in print and e-book form, we recommend you purchase the pretty paperback copy, but if you must have the e-book, then we are discounting 25% at Smashwords until December 6. That means it’s only $3 when you enter coupon code: MY56E.

Innsmouth Magazine’s 14th issue is centered around a theme: wings. Birds who can become strange lovers, mechanical flight suits, a re-telling of Daedalus with goblins, and Pre-Hispanic myths with a dash of Cthulhu Mythos are the ingredients for this strange and unsettling volume.

With fiction by Gemma Files, Joe M. McDermott, Orrin Grey, Gio Clairval, Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas, AJ Fitzwater and Scott R. Jones. Cover by Oliver Wetter. Let your imagination soar.

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