Micro-interview: Meddy Ligner

Candle in the Attic Window, an anthology of Gothic horror, is the latest release from Innsmouth Free Press. We are interviewing some of the book’s contributors. Today Meddy Ligner talks about his story, “Vodka Attack!”.

What makes your story Gothic?

It uses fantastic elements, a symbolic figure – the dragon – and a strange atmosphere in real life…but in extreme conditions: WWII. I think that is the main force of my story: collapsing elements which are not used to being in common.

What was the source of inspiration for your story?

I am fascinated by Russia. I lived and worked there. I travelled a lot in the Russian world (ex-USSR) and I speak Russian, so it is like my second country. For my story, I wanted to mix Russia and the fantastic. WWII is very important in Russia. During the Great Patriotic War (as it is called in Russia), 20 million Soviets died…so I have chosen this period for my story. It was the second time, because I have already published a SF story set during WWII in the Soviet Union in the magazine Galaxies. By the way, my aim is to make a book of short stories with fantastic or SF elements and set during WWII. I teach history; that is another explanation….

What are your favourite Gothic movies and books?

I am a great fan of German expressionist movies: The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Nosferatu, From Sunrise to Midnight…They had a big influence on artist like Tim Burton.

And I love the movie, Black Sunday, also known as ‘The Mask of Satan’, by Italian director Mario Bava…maybe my favourite Gothic movie. The atmosphere is fantastic and Barbara Steele is great as a witch.

If you were the star of a Gothic TV show, what would your character be like? Would you be good or evil?

Maybe a kind of Frankenstein to create my own monster…Every man dreams of being God….

Bio: Meddy Ligner was born in 1974 in Bressuire, small town in western part of France. He spent there his first 18 years and he goes back there frequently to see his family and to play baseball with the famous Garocheurs. He studied history and after, he taught french language abroad : in Finland, in Russia and in China. Since 2003, he’s working as a teacher of history and geography in Poitiers (France) where he is living with his wife, his daughter and his son. Website : http://meddyligner.blogspot.com