Poe Week: Poe Haiku Winners

Congratulations to the five winners of the Poe Haiku contest! This contest had the largest submissions volume we’ve experienced and we thank you for taking the time to send your entries. We would also like to thank the people who helped us with the prizes: writer and editor S.J. Chambers, who pledged a Poe action figure; David Hill, who donated Maschine Zeit‘s RPG digital package, Carrie Cuinn of Dagan Books, with a wax and seal set; and Kaolin Fire for a digital copy of the speculative fiction magazine GUD. We had planned on having four winners, but two people tied for fourth place. Don’t worry; you’ll both get a great Vincent Price DVD!

You can read the winning entries below or download a colourful PDF booklet.

From everyone at Innsmouth Free Press, happy Halloween!

First Place

The moon, like night’s eye,
looks down, illuminating
a girl’s gazeless stare.

— Travis King

Bio: Travis King is a speculative fiction writer from the Pacific Northwest. He has previously been published in Innsmouth Free Press and elsewhere online and in print. He is also the author of “Dreamlands of Mars,” which will appear in the forthcoming Cthulhurotica anthology.

Second Place

Patter of raindrops and leaves
Orange, crimson and brown
Edgar’s tomes made of Autumn

— Ahimsa Kerp

Bio: Ahimsa Kerp has lived on four continents, but has currently returned to his hometown of Portland, Oregon. His screenplays have won awards, his travel writing is published throughout the web, and his contribution to the Cthulhurotica anthology and the mosaic novel To Baldairn’s Motte are forthcoming. You can read his blog at http://obscureclearly.wordpress.com/

Third Place

Slivers of a shattered mind.
What sweet rest in death.

— Zoe Harwood

Bio: Zoe is a student in Lampeter Univesity, studying English.  She has been writing since childhood, but this is the first competition she has ever entered.

Fourth Place (tie)

Thirty-two pearly
I-love-you-nots. So in love,
I can’t hear the screams

— Joshua Alan Doetsch

Bio: Joshua Alan Doetsch once built a golem out of grave-robbing parts and uneaten Halloween candy.  By strange chance, this golem is fueled on rejection slips.  Every day it begs and it pleads, “PLEASE, KIND SIR, KEEP ME ALIVE!” And so Joshua writes. You can thank Innsmouth Free Press for allowing his poor golem to go hungry for another day. Originally from Chicago, he currently resides in Montreal, where he writes video game dialogue and commits profane acts of scrivnomancy. His first novel, Strangeness in the Proportion, will be released in November by White Wolf Game Studio.

Fourth Place (tie)

The fading scent
of Amontillado
fresh mortar

— Ann K. Schwader

Bio: Ann K. Schwader’s dark SF poetry collection, Wild Hunt of the Stars, was published by Sam’s Dot earlier this year.  She is a 2010 Rhysling Award winner (short form poem).  Her flash fiction “Scream Saver” appeared in Innsmouth Free Press’s second fiction issue, in October 2009. She leads a deceptively quiet life in Westminster, Colorado.