Review: Triangulation: Dark Glass

By Mike Griffiths

triangulationButler, Pete. Triangulation: Dark Glass. PARSEC Ink (August 31, 2009). 158 pages. #12.00 USD. ISBN: 978-0578031033.

Triangulation: Dark Glass is the sixth Triangulation Anthology put out by Parsec Ink. Originally, it was a local anthology centered around the  Pittsburgh area, but over the last few years, it has opened up and has been accepting speculative fiction by authors from around the world.

The 16 stories featured in this edition range from horror to fantasy and from science fiction to comedy. There are ghosts looking for sex, a man that finds himself surrounded by a hundred versions of himself, and priests that capture your soul in glass.

Like past volumes, this Triangulation centers on a theme, which, in this case, is Dark Glass. In some tales, the association is obvious, such as Amy Treadwell’s “Audition For Evil”, where the story centers  around an evil sorceress and her familiar/slave preparing for a magic audition with the use of her malign, dark mirror. Or David Seigler’s “One Touch To Remember”, in which a young woman begins to work for a man who can steal emotions and trap them within a glass frame.

One story that was particularly well done was Kurt Kirchmeiser’s  “Souls On Display”. Kirchmeiser weaves a tale where everyone’s souls are encased within delicate glass at birth. Some forms are gorgeous while others possess strange shapes and attributes. However, what might happen to an  individual if their soul were to accidentally break?

Another tale that stands out is “A More Beautiful Monster” by Loretta Sylvestre. In this story a warlock is trapped within his deal with a demon. He can neither die nor find rest, unless he trains an apprentice, but despite all he has done, he has no wish to condemn  another to his sad fate. His demonic master however, has different plans.

Triangulation: Dark Glass is an enjoyable read with loads of  variety. Its only drawback might in fact be that variety, for if someone were expecting a certain genre they would only discover one sample of it here, but if your tastes cross wide fields of speculative fiction, this would be worth you checking out.

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