Found on the Net: The Lovecraft

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

I’m going to vacation in Portland this summer. The reason? Publishing doesn’t pay, so I’ve got to make my Canadian pennies count and we thought we could take the train south of the border for a few days in Oregon. It seems like a fine place, with its parks and gardens, Powell’s City of Books, and nifty absence of sales taxes. But there’s one attraction, above all the others, I’ll go look at: The Lovecraft.

The Lovecraft is a bar with a pentagram on the ceiling and tentacles painted on the walls. The website proclaims, “The Lovecraft is not a goth bar, or a metal bar, or a gay bar, or a pagan bar. It is a horror bar that caters to all of the above. Tuesday is metal night. Thursdays and Fridays are pretty gothy. Wednesday caters to psychobilly and experimental noise bands. Sunday is karaoke. And Saturdays are for dancing.”

During the daytime, it seems the Lovecraft doubles as a tea-shop, offering tamales and Japanese hand rolls (Minors are allowed until 5 pm). The walls are decorated with Lovecraft and horror memorabilia, as well as local art and decor. It seems like the perfect place to stop for a drink and a bit of horror. See you in a few months, Portland!